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Shel Adelson Readies (Another) Anti-Internet Gambling Campaign

Shel Adelson is a billionaire casino owner who isn’t all that keen on competition, especially if that competition is based online. That’s why Adelson is using his influence in Congress to help try to shut down the budding American online gambling industry.

According to a report published on, Adelson recently sat down for some face-time with some of the many newly elected Republican Congressmen and Senators whose campaigns he supported.

Though no one is talking about exactly what was said at these meetings, it’s generally believed that Adelson was advocating for a rollback on recent internet gambling liberalization in the U.S.

Adelson has long blustered against his online competitors and reached into his very deep pockets to donate around $90 million to GOP candidates during the last election. He clearly is expecting a bit of quid pro quo, now that Republicans control both houses of Congress.

The good news for American igaming interests is that Adelson’s efforts might not get too far with the highly dysfunctional politicians he’s purchased.

For starters, internet gambling simply isn’t all that important to most American politicians (even the very conservative ones Adelson’s supported).

The current Congress is much more concerned with GOP pet causes like attempting to roll back Obamacare; and dealing with immigration issues. With a full plate of serious issues to deal with, internet gambling probably won’t get much attention.

Even if Adelson’s pet politicians were to propose anti-gambling legislation, it’s not likely to get very far anyways.

Thanks to serious political gridlock, the last US Congress was the least productive in American history. By the looks of things, the current Congress might actually be worse.

And, finally, Adelson might just find out what the rest of us have known for a long time – politicians can’t be trusted.

According to, many of the pols Adelson supported during election season politely listened to the poor billionaire’s pleas, but won’t be doing anything to pay back his generous donations.

That’s a tough lesson to learn for $90 million, but Adelson can afford it.