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Shareholder Adjustments for

The bingo site with arguably the best bingo domain name online — — has announced some ownership changes, with a key shareholder selling about 13.5 percent of its holdings in the company to “non U.S residents”.

The shift is being presented as an amiable parting of ways driven by economic necessity, with’s CEO, Tarrnie Williams, thanking Praetorian for its help in developing and building the site into a successful online destination.

“We would prefer not to be exiting this investment at this time,” Harris Kupperman, CEO of Praetorian Capital Management LLC, the company selling its shares, stated in a news release. “However tax considerations played a significant part in our decision and its timing.”

Home to almost 2 million users, operates as part of the Unibet partner program; its affiliate program is powered by Income Access.