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5 Hidden Secrets to Casino Affiliate Program Success

Succeeding at casino affiliate program marketing often involves going against the grain to implement strategies rarely utilized by other affiliates. Let’s face it, this is a dog-eat-dog industry that requires one to be creative in their online casino promotion efforts.
Leave the competition behind through these little known secrets to making money with casinos on line:
Start Your Own Online Casino
The affiliate game got you feeling crowded out? No worries, just start your own online casino. While it might seem like a crazy idea, starting your own online casino is a good way to leave behind the increasingly-competitive online casino promotion side while still making money from the industry.
There’s a great Tim Ferriss quote that is highly applicable here – “There is just less competition for bigger goals.”
How many affiliates really view starting their own online casino as an option that is on the table for them? Virtually none. It’s a big goal but can you leave the marketing side to join the operator side? Get to know how online casinos make money and the idea can become more realistic.
Become an Affiliate Manager
If you’re a seasoned affiliate looking to move up in this industry, one avenue at your disposal is to join the ranks of those running their own casino affiliate program. This can be a logical career step for many “super affiliates” who are finding it more challenging to expand their current operation.
Running your affiliate program allows you to use your experience in order to team with operators and handle their affiliate management for them. A wide number of online casino operators choose to outsource the role of their affiliate management program to a separate business. Your existing contacts are a great place to start when looking for online casino operators who prefer to leave marketing out of their in-house operation.
Launch Your Own Email Marketing Operation
Are you an affiliate who has mastered the craft of email marketing? If so, this is a valuable talent that can be used to generate business.
Consider the example of Sharon Engel from Wilma Online who is using her experience in email marketing to help affiliates optimize this aspect of their business. What’s in it for Wilma Online? Only fifty percent of revenues made from the email marketing enhancements they provide to affiliates by taking over these duties.
A similar business model could be applied to helping affiliates optimize their social media presence by running it for them. If there is an aspect of affiliate marketing you are simply an expert at, why not solicit other affiliates less-gifted in this area to hand over part of their business to you?
Change the Whole Game
Many new affiliates have one great advantage over seasoned veterans: no preconceived notions of what is possible in this industry. Can you reinvent the casino marketing game similar to how Mark Zuckerberg reinvented how we stay in touch with friends or how Steve Jobs changed the meaning of a mobile phone?
You may never acquire as much wealth as those two through the online casino promotion business, but their successes are an inspiration for the possibility that exists to be a game-changer.
Face Time
Since the lifestyle of casino affiliates is one associated with remote working arrangements, the value of simply being in the same room as a business colleague is often overlooked. In fact, some affiliates are so used to doing all of their business through text-based web applications that they forget humans can actually, you know… look each other in the eye when doing business!
Experiment more with using video chat as a method for driving business in the online marketing industry. This is a simple-enough trick a few affiliates realize is crucial to success.