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Email Forecasts for 2013

Even with the advent of social media and evolution of the making money on the Internet game, email marketing remains a central method for driving traffic and conversions for affiliates. Keeping up with small business email marketing tactics is crucial to enjoying success in this field.

Here are the email trends 2013 affiliates should be made aware of:

Outsourcing Your Leads

Are you monetizing your email marketing list as effectively as you could be? If you feel like the answer is a big, fat “no”, have you considered outsourcing your iGaming marketing leads to a company that specializes in creating conversions through email lists?

Wilma Online is one such company that specializes in doing a better job of utilizing email marketing for your clients than you may currently be doing. They have a pretty simple offer to affiliates: bring them your email marketing leads and they’ll split with you 50-50 all proceeds made from their efforts to create conversions from your leads.

If this sounds appealing, check out CAP’s interview with Wilma Online CEO, Sharon Engel to hear details of their impressive operation and how it could result in more for your bottom line to partner with Wilma Online for your email marketing initiatives.

Understand the Spam Filters

Getting past spam filters is a huge headache for any Internet marketer, especially those from the gambling niche where words like “casino” and “bonus offer” quickly alarm the sensitivities of major email service providers (ESPs) like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. So how does one circumvent the dreaded spam filter? Well, it’s not easy. ESPs are constantly updating and tweaking their spam-detection algorithms. In order to improve email delivery rates, one must keep a finger on the pulse of the email marketing game.

One tip to achieving the result of avoiding spam filters in your email marketing efforts is to stay connected with other affiliates. Join the conversion in the CAP forums to stay in tune with the latest email trends in 2013 and learn what steps others are taking to ensure their marketing materials are delivered as intended.

Mobile Optimization

Are your emails generated in a mobile-friendly layout? Mobile is how people use the Internet now and that will only increase as truth in 2013.

Email service providers for gambling know they have to offer their clients mobile-friendly email marketing templates. Support mobile visitors with your email marketing efforts by joining forces with a service provider that understands your needs to send mobile-optimized content to your newsletter subscribers. Expect conversion rates in these emails to be even stronger when you also align yourself with iGaming operators who understand how to monetize traffic coming to them through smartphones.