Scottish Premiere League coach admits gambling problem

Hamilton Academical coach Brian Rice has a gambling problem and he’ ready to get some help. That’s the gist of an emotional statement the Scottish Premiere League coach made earlier this week as he admitted a relapse in his recovery from an addiction to gambling. The relapses occurred, at least, between July 2015 and October 2019, when he bet on soccer matches (though there’s no clear word on whether or not he bet on his own teams).
Rice’s statements, which were reported on by the UK Guardian, paint a picture of long-term gambling addict struggling to keep his addiction under control on a day-to-day basis. “The reality is I am an addict and, while I have been proud of the fact I have been in recovery from this disease, a key part of the recovery programme is honesty: honesty to myself and honesty to those who have and who continue to support me, including my family and my football family at Hamilton,” he said.
The Guardian went on to point out that there was “considerable evidence” that Rice did bet on Scottish Premiere League matches, though there was no indication that he bet on his clubs.
Rice has actually received a good deal of support from his team and the league and credited them for helping with his recovery saying, “I would like to thank the Scottish FA for the empathy shown throughout this process, whilst respectful of the need to safeguard the integrity of the game and the rules upon which football is founded.”
Rice will find out what, if any, sanctions he’ll face after a January 31 hearing.