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How To Make Ring Fencing Work For You

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You can make more money when you apply ring fencing

Since the last article in May 2012 on “What is Ring Fencing?” we now have more updated information on how affiliates can deal with ring fencing and find operators that offer it.  We show you ways how you can also get your affiliate managers to start ring fencing for you if they don’t already offer it.
The first plan of action for an affiliate is to obviously look to see if the affiliate program offers it right on their web site.  You will find it in the program benefits, features or FAQ’s. Affiliate programs like ChipSplit offer it and have it listed right on the “Why Join Chip Split” page with the headline: “No Negative Carry-Over & Sidegames Ring-Fenced Monthly”.
They specify that they deduct casino winnings and ring fence those losses and there are fewer deductions.  Another good way to find out about ring fencing and affiliate programs is to do your research online and find out more information from gaming portals.  For example, there was an excellent article from Gambling911 on the iPoker network that was trying to clarify its position on Ring Fencing: “Those iPoker skins that will have their players fenced off from the network’s main liquidity pool will be determined by a network scoring metric.”
If you keep searching you will see that there are lots of news articles on gaming portals and affiliate forums that have reviewed ring fencing issues and affiliate program policies.
If an affiliate program doesn’t mention it on their web site then it’s time ask the affiliate program manager directly if they offer it.  Usually, an affiliate program will have some sort of policy on ring fencing or are aware of it; and sometimes if they have several products like Sports, Casino and Poker, they might even have different offers and policies in place for each.
If you’re currently signed up with an affiliate program but haven’t heard anything then you can go in there and tell them that you’ve done your research. Then define exactly what you’re looking for in a “Ring Fencing policy” especially if they have a few brands.
If you’re prepared, this will give you some negotiation power, especially if you bring in lots of real money players consistently.  They will want to make sure you’re happy and will keep promoting their brands.
One way to get affiliate managers to include ring fencing is by reviewing their brands and analyzing your figures and if they are bundling tell them that you want a better arrangement.
Advise them other affiliate programs offer it and you will place more of your efforts on their competition’s brands if they are not willing to adjust and bring in ring fencing for you.  If you’re a good affiliate they will accommodate your needs, as they would not want to lose your business or players.
Use your negotiation power to get what you’re looking for and do your homework on other affiliate programs, then go prepared and present your case.  Just remember that it will be difficult to make money if the affiliate program bundles your earnings with other products and let them know.
Once you determine if the affiliate program will adjust or accommodate your needs, then you can continue on with the productive and prosperous working relationship, ring fencing included.