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Free Internet Business Tools

If you’re looking for a some free Internet business tools that can help your business, here are a few of our favorites.
1. RSS Reader – Keeping up with industry news sites and blogs is a time consuming process that can be kept in check with an RSS Reader. This handy tool notifies you anytime your favorite blog is updated and can be configured with an insane amount of detail. (And don’t forget to put an RSS subscription button on your site to make life easier for your readers.)
2. Creative Commons – A CC license is a free copyright tool that allows you to share your content on the web on your terms. It also gives users access to a pool of like minded content creators who are willing to share their creations.
3. Google Keyword Tool – If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use keyword research tool, you can’t beat the one Google offers for free. There are other great tools out there that can do a lot more, but when you need keyword research in a hurry, this is perfect.
4. LinkedIn Polls – There are plenty of free survey tools out there, but LinkedIn Polls is a step above the pack. It’s packed with easy to use analysis tools that help you really understand what your customers are thinking.
5. Site: Search – Harness the power of Google Search on your own site with this free tool from the big name in search. With Site Search, your site becomes a little stickier and a lot easier to navigate. Having an official Google product on your site also adds a fair amount credibility to new visitors
6. Click to Tweet – Collecting re-Tweets is a lot easier when you’ve made your content easy to re-Tweet. A Click to Tweet tool allows you to highlight a quote so that a reader can simply click on it and re-Tweet the highlighted passage from your page.
7. iMovie/Windows Movie Maker -Creating sharable multimedia on your site is nowhere near as complicated as you might think. These two programs come standard with Windows and Apple operating systems and can have you creating awesome movies in no time.
8. Google Docs and Comments – Affiliate partners are spending more and more time working with freelancers across the country (and world). Google docs makes sharing documents and commenting on them very simple, without having to email attachments. So say good-bye to e-mails that read, “Here’s that attachment.”
9. Marketing Grader – Find out how your site measures up with a free grade from Marketing Grader. You can also install their free bookmarklet to grade your competition, too. (They’ve also got an upgraded premium package if you need it, too.)
What are your favorite free business tools? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.