Report: 98% of Affiliates "Do Nothing"

A whopping 98 percent of people who sign up for affiliate programs proceed to do exactly nothing with them, a new report by MarketingPilgrim from PubCon Austin says.

According to the report, the responsibility for that gap lies with the affiliate managers, 90% of whom fail to properly engage and inform affiliates of how to use the programs in question.

The report applied to the whole of affiliate marketing. But casino affiliates can certainly apply the lessons to their marketing plans.

And those lessons are: Smart affiliates are proactive affiliates, who read their agreements in full, put thought and effort into marketing affiliate programs effectively, and take the time to contact affiliate managers when info or clarification are needed.

That’s because affiliate managers aren’t likely to effectively communicate with affiliates unprompted. “Everyone advised merchants to be very clear with program agreements especially with points like cookie length, which click wins, payment terms and approved/disapproved keywords for search marketing,” the summary continued.

The point of offering this advice, of course, was to underline the fact that affiliate managers are currently falling short of this kind of communication. The burden then, is on both sides — affiliates and managers — to better communicate to each other in order to best understand the program and drive conversions most effectively.

In other words, “In affiliate marketing, relationships are everything,” as MarketingPilgrim summed up.