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Quick Sprout Launches Traffic & Conversion Forum

The newly launched Quick Sprout Traffic & Conversion Forumis a new resource that provides high end SEO and content consultation at no charge. It’s the latest brainchild of Quick Sprout founder, Neil Patel and is a tool every casino affiliate should be taking advantage of.What makes Patel’s forum different from just about every other SEO and conversion forum on the planet is that he’ll be answering many of the questions himself.

Though he obviously won’t be answering all of them, he’s assembled an all-star lineup of web marketing experts to help him out.

Forum categories include:

Patel is one of the biggest names in the content marketing and SEO world, which is one of the main factors that should set the Quick Sprout Traffic & Conversion Forum apart from the competition.

Though Patel is an expert in driving traffic to his sites, his reasons for starting a forum are actually driven by a desire to give back, rather than simply profit all the time. Patel says that his career has benefited greatly from top notch mentors and wanted to repay the favor to his readers.

We’re big fans of Patel and Quick Sprout and encourage CAP readers to take a look at this resource.