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Quarter4 adds NFL and NCAA prediction technology

Quarter4, an AI-driven predictive sports data and analytics provider is expanding its technology portfolio to include NFL and NCAA football. The company’s verified and true deep learning neural network is used, among other things, to generate pre-game and in-play wagers for regulated sports betting operators.

According to a press release from Quarter4, the football prediction software is capable of making more than 2 million predictions a day. In the case of American football, both college and professional, this means that the company’s “verified and true deep learning neural network” is breaking down pre-game lines, in-play bets, and data for 2,180 NFL players and 16,900 college players. While that sounds like an unbearable load, that’s the sort of data crunching power that’s required to fuel the era of continuous wagering.

Company officials boasting about the network’s brain power say that it’s relative speed allow them to have “predictive forecasts updated at the speed of the game, not at the end of the quarter.”

In a statement to the media, Danijela Covic, CSO and cofounder of Quarter4, noted the importance of having football capabilities saying, “Football is king in sports betting. Our new predictions and forecasts are empowering our partners to provide richer betting experiences for their audiences. Our in-game forecasts are especially exciting, given that every 60-90 seconds our partners will see updated player predictions. The depth and speed of our forecasts provide our partners with an exceptional value-add as their customers can take immediate action on the insights Quarter4 is powering.”

Given the incredible popularity of NFL and NCAA football in the United States, Quarter4’s deep dive into the sport is a very smart business move.