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Pokerbot Site Makes Bold Move

June 19, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — Beware the poker bots. This ongoing nuisance to legitimate online poker playing continues to evolve new ways to beat the system using automated methods, thereby cheating websites and players out of money by removing the element of fair competition.

Now, a new site based in Minnesota has upped the ante for poker bot technology. This company (which we will refrain from naming) has offered $10,000 to the online poker site that proves itself to be friendliest to poker bots.

That may sound like a good deal, but the $10,000 the site receives will likely pale in comparison to the money lost from all the bots who will surely flock to the winner’s site and milk its system for big wins. This is one case where the winner may lose all.

Want to know your enemy? Read the press release here. Following this story may be helpful to see what sites are most prone to poker bots, and it might also be a good chance for the websites themselves to see how they’re ranked (and therefore decide whether they need to improve their security against bots).