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Poker Sports League to Launch in India

An Indian entrepreneur is launching the Poker Sports League (PSL), a 12-team poker league that will be open to both established professionals and promising amateurs.
The PSL is the brainchild of Amit Burman, an Indian billionaire who made his fortune in the processed food business.
Teams in the PSL will compete in 70 qualifying events over a time span of, roughly, three months. The league’s final event will be a five-day tournament in Goa.
What makes the PSL unique is that it aspires not only to showcase the competitive side of poker, it also hopes to showcase the intellectual side of the game. In a statement posted on the PSL’s website, Burman shared his thoughts on why the brainier side of poker should be a big hit in India saying:

Poker is a popular mind sport across the globe and has gained tremendous traction within India, amongst individuals looking to challenge their mind, grit and decision making abilities. Although the game is played with cards and there is an element of luck – the vast majority of the game depends on pure skill, mathematics, probability and decision making strategy.

Burman went on to say that his vision of league-style play, with no individual entry fees, would allow players to really explore the game’s brainier aspects. Each team will feature an established poker pro who will act as a mentor to his or her less experienced peers.
Burman is selling franchises to league owners and should have the whole operation launched sometime in early 2017. As of this writing, however, Burman has only sold seven franchises, mostly to other wealthy Indian entrepreneurs.