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Howard Lederer Interviewed by PokerNews: What Affiliates Can Learn

Full Tilt Poker
Howard Tells All About The Rise And Fall Of Full Tilt Poker

Howard Lederer sat down with Poker News and explained everything about Full Tilt Poker and how it all started.  He explained in the Poker News interview all about the beginnings of the company and specifically discussed the company culture and the dynamics of all the owners, shareholders and major players in the company.
He also discussed the skyrocketing growth of the company and the transition from initial investor, to the move of the operations to Dublin so they could pursue floating the company on the London Stock Exchange.
He further explained that it was a complicated situation as the company grew and seemed to get out of control.  Even though they grew quickly he clearly stated that he felt that they always had money in the company that exceeded player deposits, so they could play players.
It also demonstrates how Full Tilt poker became too big too fast and at a critical time in the company moved to Dublin where things continued to get out of control.
Affiliates can learn from this interview on how to correctly run their affiliate business.  It also shows what happens when a business gets out of control and owners are unaware of all the intricacies of the day-to-day operations and where the money goes.
Affiliates should care as to what can happen with any company when there is more than one owner and attempting to control the overall direction of the company.