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Poker Academy's Anuman Deal

Following a deal announced earlier this week, French games publisher Anuman Interactive now has the exclusive marketing and trading rights for selected Poker Academy training tools.

The pan-European licensing deal with the American software developer will see Anuman sell products over the Internet to Texas Hold‘em players seeking to improve their poker skills in a risk-free, educational environment by training against advanced computer opponents.

The artificial intelligence inside Poker Academy's software was developed by experts at the University of Alberta and is part of its mission to improve the poker skills of Texas Hold'em players around the world.

‘If a player can consistently beat our bots that play near-perfect poker, then they should do very well competing in any situation against humans who play flawed poker,’ said Kurt Lange, President for Poker Academy.

As part of the agreement, Poker Academy’s suite of poker skills training tools for Texas hold ‘em will be available throughout Europe including Russia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

‘We continue to grow the number of languages we offer our products in and this deal with Anuman will increase our footprint from English and French to up to six new languages including Russian, German, Italian and Spanish,’ said Lange.

Poker Academy stated that there were multiple bidders working to expand its international presence but Anuman was selected because of its proven track record of success.

‘They made our poker skills training tools a top product in France, they understand the product and the market and they are committed to success,’ said Lange.