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Massachusetts Legislation Looks Doomed

In America, proposed legislation by Massacusetts Governor Deval Patrick that would see the eastern state authorise three resort-style casinos while also outlawing online poker seems destined to failure.

The legislation is set to come before the state's House of Representatives for a vote this week after norrowly making itthrough committee hearings with the Governor urging lawmakers to change but not kill his plans.

At an hour-long hearing on Wednesday before the Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerhing Technologies, Patrick stated that he was open to compromise and wanted to work with legislators, a move seen by opponents as a last-ditch effort to save the proposal.

‘I have no illusions about the plans in the House for this legislation,’ said Patrick in an article for The Boston Globe newspaper.

‘I am simply asking that an open debate begin, rather than end, today. If you have a better idea about where to dedicate the revenues, what is it? Let’s work together on whatever your ideas are. I believe that the people of Massachusetts expect more from us than they are getting.’

House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi has been disparaging the Governor’s job projections and revenue estimates for the past week and has attacked the plan on broad moral grounds.

‘Casinos will absolutely cause human damage on a grand scale,’ said DiMasi.

‘After six months of debate on this bill I believe this evidence is not there, the case has not been made and time is running out. If he thinks his bill isn’t in the best form possible then he should have said that a little while ago.’