Point your new domain to a webhost

Once you have signed up with a webhost, you will receive an email from them telling you how to setup a domain with them. The webhost will provide you the name server details, which you need to modify with your domain registrar.


The name server in the email will look something like this






Log in to the domain registrar with whom your domain is registered with. Look for an area where you can modify the details of that domain, specificly the NameServer(NS).


You will need to edit the domain, by using the name server details provided by the webhost registrar – use the two that they have given you, not just the one. Once you have updated your details with the Name Server details, the changes may take up to 24 hrs to take effect.


What this process does, is to “point” your domain to the place where the files for your website will sit on the internet. To check to see if the changes have happened, enter your internet domain into a browser and see if anything appears. If a website of sorts, or a directory listing appears, the changes have happened.


Before we get to the easy part (creating a Search Engine Optimised website), we will need to download the tools which are going to help you create your empire.