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Pocket Kings' Liquidator Appointed

The final nails are being hammered into Pocket Kings’ coffin this week after a liquidator was appointed to handle the troubled site’s remaining assets.
It’s just the latest chapter in the, seemingly, never-ending rain of Black Friday fallout.
Pocket Kings was once part of the Full Tilt Poker portfolio and was purchased by the Rational Group, owner of poker giant PokerStars just six months ago. Apparently company officials just couldn’t justify any attempts to resurrect the failed site.
A report in EGR recently described internal company documents justifying the move:

The company cannot, by reason of its liabilities, continue its business and…it is advisable to wind up the same.

One of those liabilities is probably the $1.3 million lawsuit that was recently filed by in a dispute over affiliate marketing revenues.
So far, no one from Rational Group has commented publicly on this matter.
What do you think of Rationale’s decision to liquidate Pocket Kings? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.