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Play for Team Bluff Europe at Sunday’s eSport Poker Free Roll

Europe’s leading poker magazine Bluff Europe is giving players the chance to represent Team Bluff Europe this Sunday at the eSport-Poker league. The magazine is entering a team into Europe’s first eSport-Poker league, and is counting on Bluff Europe readers to help prove that it has the best poker players in Europe.

All players have to do to represent Bluff Europe is enter into a free roll this Sunday at The best players from this weekend’s Bluff Europe free roll will go on to play for $150,000 in the eSport-Poker league. Action starts at 9pm GMT, and participants are advised to sign up early to ensure their place.

Teamwork is the key as points scored by qualified team players are added up and used to determine the team’s position in the league table. The Bluff Europe Team will not only play for the $150,000 prize pool, but the top 20 players will win a Bluff Europe T-shirt to play in, and a free one-year subscription to the magazine.