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Play Against A Pokerbot, a hobby website operated by one man, is inviting online casino's from across the web to compete in a contest to determine the most pokerbot-friendly site as determined by an online survey. revealed that virtual Texas hold’em sites submitted between the first day of August and December 14 would be reviewed and voted on by its registered users with the winner receiving a $10,000 prize.

Pokerbots are controversial computer programmes that automatically play online poker but, despite becoming more numerous, are widely not recognised as legitimate players. stated that a pokerbot-friendly site would allow pokerbots to declare their status in order to play Texas hold’em at the same tables as a human competitor.

‘There is a lot of opportunity for the poker sites to view the proliferation of pokerbots for what it is, an emerging market,’ said Rob Turner, the man behind

‘Pokerbots play hands faster, stay at tables longer and can play at more tables at one time. This contest will not only allow pokerbots to sit at a table like everyone else but it will give players who have wanted to knowingly play against a pokerbot the chance they’ve been looking for. This is going to be a big win for participating poker sites.’

Turner stated that pokerbot-friendly sites are expected to generate interest in both the programming and online poker communities given the billions of revenues at stake.

‘People are going to be attracted to a pokerbot-friendly site,’ said Turner.

‘I think hobbyists and players alike are going to have a lot of fun.’