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PKR should now say: Let's Play and Drink Too! who is widely known in the industry as providing the most realistic 3D poker software experience, now gives players an even better digital live experience with more additions in their new software launch.
Adding to the robust reality feel, now players can actually have a “virtual drink” at the tables and even order drinks for friends or opponents.  PKR spared no expense when creating the realistic drinking experience. Sounds effects are included into this new feature, with the clinking of ice cubes and access to a wide variety of beverages like mojitos, beer and coffee.
A spokesperson for PKR describes the new players drinking addition, “As for the drinks, they are great fun. Buying a cocktail for a guy you just destroyed in a hand can be seen as a polite gesture or the ultimate insult – that’s the beauty of it and the team has done a fantastic job on making the drinks look, and sound, so realistic.”
Other new additions to the software include a “Luxury Yacht” environment where players who want to feel like they’re living the good life and playing poker at upscale locations.  PKR claims this is in keeping the “ethos of bringing online poker games to life”.
There are some more additional upgrades to the software as well that includes: Multi-tabling, a hand replay function and the ability to record hands.  PKR just keeps pushing the envelope in their 3D poker world that might lead someone to say,  “What will they think of next?”  We can all have a virtual drink and toast to that one, now at PKR.