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Pinterest & SEO: Does it Work?

There’s an ongoing discussion on the CAP forum about whether Pinterest is the real deal for your SEO. Since you guys are interested, we obviously went ahead and did the research for you. This article includes a value assessment for Pinterest as a SEO tool and information on what you can expect from using it and some creative ways to utilize it.


Pinterest is a social network that allows users to “pin” images with links to topics they are interested on. It is opening up as a popular and engaging website in the United States and the United Kingdom, and it mostly caters to a female audience. Your niche is online gambling, online casinos (or any funky combination of keywords you think will drive vast amounts of people to your site). Therefore, a person seeking related content would run into your pins on Pinterest and hopefully follow the link to your site and end up registering. Now let’s see if this is how it really works…

Correlation Between Pins and Traffic

If you want to track the traffic you are getting from Pinterest, Google Analytics is a good way to do it. You can use your custom reports, referral reports and dashboards to do so. If Pinterest does not come up in the top ten, you can use the search tool to find any trails of traffic coming from the site.

On Pinterest the images and links you post will go viral at a higher rate than other social media sites. Whereas it is a fact that using any type of social media efficiently can increase your traffic, it is not a fact that you will have a high rate of conversion and sign ups. This will fully depend on how optimal your pins are and a bit of luck. However, the chances of you getting more players, more visibility and improving your SEO will be automatically higher once you spread pins around. Makes sense, right?

Pinterest for SEO

If you would like more visibility try these tricks:

1. Optimize your pins. Images must be of high quality and the description must be subtly filled with keywords. Make sure you are clear in your description and use the right keywords.

2. Analyze your niche. What are the most pinned images and articles about gambling? How can you make yourself stand out from the generic posts? Keeping those questions in mind will help you position yourself better.

3. Post frequently. Whereas you might not want to make pinning your priority, don’t give up if you don’t get mind-blowing results right away. These things take time and if you work on it steadily you will see results.

We hope we clarified some of your questions regarding Pinterest, and we know there are many more to cover so keep an eye out for more Pinterest tips! If you have more questions or comments please feel free to share.