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Pinnacle Sports Purchases Domain

Pinnacle Sports, one of the oldest online sportsbooks in the business, is now the proud owner of the domain.
It’s a seemingly minor move that could, in fact, have a huge impact on the offshore sports betting business. The purchase is also a reminder that, even in the age of PPC, social media, and advanced customer acquisition techniques, domain names still matter.
Since its founding in 1998, Pinnacle Sports has been based at, but has long coveted the domain. That domain, however, had long been in the hands of an outfit called, Pinnacle Data Systems, Inc., a Phoenix-based electronic documents systems developer.
Pinnacle Data Systems, however, was recently purchased by Avnet, another Phoenix-based tech firm. Avnet, which is worth about $22 billion, apparently didn’t have much attachment to and sold the domain for an undisclosed price. (Pinnacle Data Systems is now based at the more descriptive, domain.
There’s been no word on how much Pinnacle Sports paid for the domain, but money probably isn’t much of an issue for the massively successful sports book.
In fact, Pinnacle Sports has been pretty quiet about the whole affair. As of this writing, there’s been no official announcement about the sale from Pinnacle Sports at all. The only reason that anyone even knows about it is because sharp-eyed domain watchers noticed the sale was associated with domain.
Though there’s been no word on when Pinnacle Sports will make the domain shift, there’s no question that it will make life a lot easier for Pinnacle customers and push more traffic towards the Curacao-based sportsbook.