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Online Sportsbooks of the Past

Online sportsbooks come and go, but our memories of them, for better or worse, aren’t going anywhere.
Now that Halloween is over, here are a few of the most memorable online sportsbooks that passed to the other side…though many of their domains live on today with different owners.
(Feel free to share your own memories of long departed online sportsbooks in the comments section below.)
Unlike so many other shuttered online sportsbooks (and sports exchanges), Tradesports did not leave a trail of convictions or outstanding debts.
In fact, Tradesports actually left behind it’s very successful sister site InTrade, which is highly regarded amongst the egghead set.
Founded in Dublin back in 2000 by John Delaney, TradeSports rode the early wave of betting exchanges that were hoping to do an end run around existing sports betting bans. The site met with plenty of success and, at one time, had as many as 50,000 active members.
Like most of the other sites in this niche that were serving US customers, TradeSports cried, “Uncle,” when the US government cracked down on offshore sportsbooks in in 2006.
For reasons no one understands, making the same types of bets, er, contracts on InTrade is still perfectly legal.