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Online Gaming Affiliate "SuperShow" Coming Soon

December 2, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — The latest in iGaming Business’ stellar line-up of Internet gambling affiliate marketing industry-leading conferences has been announced. Next year, get set for the "iGaming SuperShow".

“The iGaming SuperShow is … a brand new concept we have been working on for the last year as a result from feedback direct from our exhibitors, advertisers, delegates and readers,” stated Alex Pratt, lead organizer for iGaming Business. “As such, we expect to attract over 2,500 iGaming professionals under one location for meetings, education and networking.

“The iGaming SuperShow will take place in June 2010 in Prague exactly halfway between the ICE/LAC and EIG/BAC therefore a perfect slot four months away from any other major events.”

The iGaming SuperShow’s main idea is to combine two shows under one roof, with one focusing on the affiliate market while the other half focuses on the iGaming Business market. More than 120 exhibitors and some 2,500+ delegates are expected to be in attendance, making the event the largest iGaming conference in the world. Judging from the success of the past iGaming Business events, that’s a reasonable expectation.

Also included will be the first ever invite=only “locked door” regulatory round table session for the heads of regulation from the European countries and a number of U.S. states, alongside CEOs and managers of some of the leading operators and suppliers.

More details to come soon, and a website dedicated to the event is in the works. Stay tuned to CAP for more information as it becomes available.