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Online Gambling Domain Name Auction Announced

More than 2,000 online gambling domain names will be up for grabs at a special online auction from January 26 to February 2. The auction’s being held by Gambling Invest, a new company created apparently as a gambling domain broker.

That’s further evidence that the larger business world and financial community is starting to take online gambling extremely seriously, as we’ve explored here before at

“Domain names in general and gambling domains in particular are an excellent investment,” Pierluigi Buccioli, founder of Gambling Invest and “online gambling super-affiliate” stated in a news release announcing the auction.

“Demand and prices for gambling domains have continued to go up in the last two years despite the economic crisis and recession, confirming that domains can be used to capture qualified Internet traffic and to establish a company’s identity online. But they are also an excellent investment for buyers that are prepared to hold onto them for few years as well as for operators who develop domain names into web properties.”

Not only is this a positive sign for online gambling futures, it’s a great chance for casino affiliates to snag a bankable online gambling domain and to see what the competition looks like.

Some samples of the online gambling domains up for auction include,,,, and

“Many of the gambling domains offered for sale by Gambling Invest are suitable for online gambling portals,” speculates Rick Balding at “Affiliates of online casino and poker sites can develop these domains into sites that can be used to market their brands.”

“Of the 2000 domain names available, it seems most would be best suited for link building websites as they lack two major keys to a good domain name,” cautions Bill Beatty at “The generic names are multiword and the brandable domains aren’t that brandable.”

The auctions will utilize the Proxibid platform. Gambling Invest will announce further details of the auction on its site in the coming weeks, the news statement adds.