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Online Gambling Ban Hurting Search Engines?

June 18, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — It might not just be the online gaming industry being hurt by the current governmental regulations against online gambling in the U.S., argues a recent article in WebProNews, a respected online marketing news source.

In an article titled “How Much Is the Prohibition of Online Gambling Costing the Search Engings?”, writer Steve Baldwin argues that, by instituting a policy against online gambling ads to ensure smooth sailing with the U.S. government, Google may be losing almost $115 million every year. Baldwin goes on to state that the estimate is conservative, and that it’s probably far more than that.

To arrive at this amount, Baldwin compiled a list of about 200 keywords consisting of words and phrases that would be commonly used to advertise gambling, were it allowed. (He also claims that the list could be, and in reality probably is, much larger.)

You can agree or disagree with his conclusions, but either way, it’s definitely an interesting read. Click here to check it out.