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Online Gamblers Taking Political Action in U.S.

September 22, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — The PPA (Poker Players Alliance), an organization that lobbies the U.S. Congress for better and more fair online gaming legislation, recently sent out an email alert to all its members asking them to take a moment to contact their representatives to help win them over to the cause.

Following up on this, a number of websites are not only repeating the request, but providing information on who to contact. Over at The House of Poker Blues, for example, online poker advocates have provided contact information to one South Carolina Senator DeMint, a chief supporter of the UIGEA, with the hopes of starting a campaign to write letters to let the senator know that his constituents don’t agree with his strict anti-online gaming policies.

It's to be hoped that more similar action will follow. Politicians often make assumptions based on what they they people want them to do. Convincing them otherwise is sometimes not as difficult as it seems, and often requires little effort.

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