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NFL Championship Odds for Sports Betting Affiliates

After two weekends of upsets and general chaos, NFL fans are realizing they may be in the middle of one of the wildest Super Bowl runs of all times. 

To say that the appearance of the New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, and Chicago Bears in this stage of the competition is surprising would be an understatement. Online bookmakers such as Bodog have had to adjust their odds after a number of surprising upsets along the way.

But, for sports betting activity, that should be a good thing.

Bodog sportsbook manager Richard Gardner told Wisconsin’s Herald-Times Reporter that “Sunday’s [Packers] game could become the most bet-on game of the season.” 

“Every playoff game is very popular in terms of betting, but this one will probably be one of our heaviest bet games of the season,” Gardner continued, talking about the NFC Championship matchup between the Bears and the Packers. “The fact that this is such a big rivalry game and how well the Packers have been playing as of late I am sure is influencing the volume of bets we are taking in.”

As of Friday, the Green Bay Packers are 3-point favorites over the Chicago Bears. In the AFC, the Pittsburgh Steelers are favored by 3 points over the New York Jets at Bodog.

True, the results of so many games in this year’s postseason — the quick defeat of New Orleans, the Patriots early exit — seemed to make sport of the odds themselves. But those kinds of upsets and surprises are at the heart of what makes the NFL so exciting. They’re also a bonus for sports betting affiliates looking for extra traffic — that kind of unpredictability often sends people to the Internet searching for scores, stats, and newly updated odds.  

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