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New Jersey Casino Affiliates Face Some Serious Choices

New Jersey facing casino affiliates are being given a choice: quit doing business with offshore sites that aren’t licensed in Jew Jersey, or get outta town.

This Tony Soprano-style threat isn’t as bad as all that. Affiliates have a quite generous 150 days to get in compliance before feeling the wrath of the New Jersey Gaming Enforcement Division.

Though casino affiliates across the world have long promoted a variety of operators, that’s simply not an option for anyone doing business in New Jersey.

The Garden State is trying desperately to morph itself into a major player in the igaming world and it’s not about to run afoul of the Department of Justice. Of course that’s not exactly how the fine folks in  Gaming Enforcement see things.

In particular, the Jersey Boys say they’re worried that Jersey bettors might be placing wagers with operators who might later pick up a bad actor label. The Department outlined their concerns in a memo to affiliates that was released last week and said:

It is clear that those illegal online gambling sites who accept wagers from players in New Jersey pose a significant threat to the regulation of lawful gaming. Online gaming operators who have been licensed by the Division were subject to a thorough investigation regarding their business history, the functionality of their system, and the good character, honesty, integrity and financial stability of their executive management team and principal owners.

For now, Jersey gaming bosses seem to be in a forgiving mood and are giving affiliates 150 days to get in compliance. After that, they’ll be sending out Pauly Walnuts and the boys to take care of business.