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New Jersey a Good Location for Internet Gambling, Says iMEGA Chairman

In iMEGA’s recent news release offering congratulations to New Jersey lawmakers over their recent passing of the law, Chairman Joe Brennan Jr. explains why he thinks it’d be best if that state got the first crack at creating a national online gambling law precedent.

“New Jersey, which is the second largest casino market in the US after Nevada, has arguably the toughest regulators in the gaming industry,” he explained. “The value of NJ licensure to an iGaming firm is the regulatory surety it demonstrates not only to players, but also to subsequent state governments that may permit the activity, as well as to the financial markets, which would likely place a higher valuation on NJ-licensed firms.

“New Jersey also has the highest IT infrastructure density of any jurisdiction in the world. This is due to the massive post-9/11 build up of capacity to support the financial centre on Wall Street, creating surpluses of bandwidth, storage and servicing firms.”

iMEGA”s news release concludes by stating that Jersey “has trumped California in the race to regulate internet gaming in the United States.”