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New iGB ACES List Opens Nominations

19 August 2008 (London, UK) — First launched in 2006, iGB Aces was a compilation of the three hundred most influential leaders in iGaming, providing readers with information as diverse as the individual's greatest achievement to his or her favorite movie. As the industry has changed, so has the book, and, following months of planning, iGaming Business is pleased to announce the re-launch of iGB Aces with a whole new look for 2008.  
"This year iGB Aces will feature the top 40 people making a genuine difference in our industry and will not just be based on the size of someone's bank balance, job title, profile, or past reputation," commented iGaming Business Publisher Alex Pratt. "But what really makes this different is that 'the Aces' will be decided by the industry as a whole and not simply a hired panel or a single source, which means they will truly mean something special."
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