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New Harrah's Exec Confident of Future of U.S. Online Gambling Laws

August 12, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — In a recent interview in EGR Magazine, the head of Harrah’s new electronic and Internet division, Mitch Garber, expressed confidence that the United States would soon reverse its current laws against online gaming.

“Montreal’s position halfway between Europe and Vegas is ideal for the job from a strategic point of view,” Garber said in the interviews. (Montreal is the headquarters of Harrah’s new interactive division.) “When it comes to (US) regulation, I’m very confident that legislators will see that this is an industry that can be properly regulated, and that the technology exists to alleviate concerns about money laundering or age verification. I wouldn’t talk about it in dollar terms, but you can imagine Harrah’s is involved in regulatory efforts to see regulated and taxed internet gaming in the US.”

Garber was previously an executive at PartyGaming, which is “the most high-profile online gaming operator in the market,” according to the article.

Click here to read the entire interview at EGR.