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New Hampshire looking at UK-style standalone betting shops

Is the US sports betting market slowly morphing into a copy of its UK and Australian counterparts? One might draw that conclusion after hearing about an NBA broadcast that’s overlayed with betting statistics or by the news that New Hampshire lawmakers are considering a bill that would legalize standalone betting shops.
Under the terms of HB 480 the State Lottery Commission would be authorized to set up regulated sports betting through what it calls, “…the use of mobile internet devices and through physical sports book retail establishments.” In a state without any actual land-based casinos, this means that a window could be opening for UK-style, standalone sports betting shops.
To be clear, these are not the automated sports betting machines that are commonplace in Nevada casinos. This bill is authorizing actual shops that would, presumably, reside in strip malls next to dry cleaners and takeout restaurants. This is something most Americans have never seen before.
Of course nothing is ever simple and straightforward when it comes to regulated gaming, especially when you’re talking about the United States. If passed as is, HB 480 would require each municipality to approve the coming of betting shops to their communities.
This would likely mean that regulated sports betting retail shops would be confined to a much smaller geographic portion of the state. That said, it’s likely that most sports wagering would be done by smart phone app anyways.
If passed into law, HB 480 could have New Hampshire residents wagering on games as soon as July 2020.