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New Bingo Show for Will Hill

November 10, 2008 (InfoPowa News) — The online bingo operations of William Hill plc stepped into the world of television program advertising this week with the announcement that it will be sponsoring the new daily ITV gameshow Spin Star.
William Hill Bingo’s sponsorship deal started on Monday 10th November, with the launch of Spin Star. The deal is for six weeks and comprises bumpers of various lengths at the start and at the end of the show, as well as in and out of advertisement breaks. The theme of the bumpers supports the bingo community, and the show encapsulates the slots games offered within William Hill's Bingo site.
The Las Vegas style show will appeal to a similar demographic to William Hill's popular Bingo site, and the excitement of the game reflects the Bingo Thrill catchline used in the gambling company program bumpers. Following on from the success of its recent month-long television advert campaign, the sponsorship of the daily Spin Star show is an excellent fit for the Internet gambling firm.
"We're very pleased to have the opportunity to sponsor Spin Star. It's an incredibly lively and entertaining show with plenty of surprises and excitement," said Hills' spokesperson, Lili Huang. "We are aiming to solidify our bingo image and increase national recognition, and sponsoring Spin Star is a perfect opportunity for us."
Spin Star is a new game show hosted by popular former Coronation Street television star Bradley Walsh. The main stage will be dominated by an enormous Las Vegas-style slot machine that contains questions and cash prizes, and the contestants can build up a prize pot of hundreds of thousands of pounds to win at the end of the show.
During the game, contestants will experience the unpredictability and big cash gamble that only casinos can offer.