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New 3D Online Casino Headed for XBox or PS3?

February 25, 2009 (InfoPowa News) — Barriere Interactive Gaming operating chief Jonathan Stock has told the London gaming publication Electricpig that the company's new Le Croupier 3D online casino could be making a debut on Microsoft's XBox 360 or Sony Playstation home game facilities as well as carrying on business on the Internet.
Electricpig reports that the Le Croupier exec has revealed that the company is "in active discussions" with one of the two big hitters to bring online gambling to the living room.
The Internet version of Le Croupier is scheduled to launch in March 2009, but also has potential as a console game, something that Stock has in mind. "That's one of our starting points. It was designed for that and we have the game engine in place,” he said.
Asked by the publication if LeCroupier was in active negotiations with Xbox 360 or Sony PS3, Stock commented: "Yes. I can’t mention a name but one of the two you just mentioned, we’re in very active discussions with."