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Most Embarassing Newbie Mistakes Affiliates Make

What Goes Up…
Did you know that revenue stats can vary from month to month? Well that’s not a concept that CAP Forum poster FictionNet was really acquainted with back in 2001 when he started promoting Referback sites.
We’ll let FictionNet take the story from here:

When I first became a casino affiliate, in 2001, I had already been a non-gaming affiliate for two years, promoting the likes of Amazon and CJ.
I didn’t know that revenue stats could go down as well as up, so I sent Referback (the first program I joined) a sarcastic e-mail, semi-accusing them of fudging the stats, because HOW could stats go DOWN? That’s what I thought.

It’s a tough lesson to learn, but FictionNet learned it and is still around to tell the tale.