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Moribund Duplicate Poker Had Significant Debt

February 13, 2009 (InfoPowa News) — The failure of Duplicate last year surfaced again this week with the revelation that the company's liquidators have been assembling claims from players, affiliates, and other creditors against the remaining assets.
Since November last year, McTevia & Associates, LLC has been using a variety of communications channels, including Google groups like rec.gambling, to urge creditors to submit their claims in terms of the United States Bankruptcy Code.
"Our primary responsibility as Trustee was to take actions we deemed necessary to realize the highest possible dividends to creditors. Our first step after acceptance of the Trust was to notify creditors, institute a claims process, review the Company's books and records, and conduct a liquidation analysis to determine the amount of funds that could be available to creditors," McTevia's communication advises.
The company has currently listed some 344 creditors with claims totalling $487,500, and expects to be able to finalise its duties within the next few months.
"The next step in this process is for the Trustee to compare your claim with the records of the Company," the McTevia advisory statement notes. "Those claims that are consistent with the Companys records will be accepted and claimants will be so notified. Claimants filing claims that are not consistent with the Companys records will be contacted by the Trustee in an attempt to resolve the differences."