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More Media Coverage for Online Gambling Legalization Drive

July 28, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — When it comes to the crusade to restore online gambling and Internet poker to full legal status in the United States, knowledge is power: Many Americans refrain from gambling online because they’re not aware if it’s legal or not to do so. Beyond being scared of the UIGEA and its vague laws, many citizens simply aren’t sure if online gaming is legal or not. So, the better informed the public is, the more likely people are to go online and play.

As affiliates, we should support efforts to educate the public on the current state of legalized gambling. And that means, the more mainstream media coverage, the better — especially considering how rare these stories were just a year ago.

As Barney Frank’s efforts to overturn the UIGEA picks up more support, and as the movement to legalize online poker gets more and more attention thanks to efforts like the National Poker Week, we’re seeing more coverage in news sources all around the United States.

Most recently, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area, ran a feature-length article on the political movement to legalize online gambling and its rare bipartisan flavor. The story also explored the likely side-effect of taxation. Read that article here.

The Miami Herald also published a feature on the campaign to legalize online poker, inspired by the media attention around last week’s National Poker Week. Read that article here.