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More Latin American Action

September 19, 2008 (InfoPowa News) — The Malta-based online gambling firm, Latin Interactive Gaming, has announced ambitious plans to extend its influence in the Spanish and Latin-American market by launching local branches "Pokermillones", "Apuestamillones", "Casinomillones", "Juegamillones", and "Tragamillones".

"With our long experience within the gaming and entertainment industry, it is clear that Latin Interactive Gaming has a big opportunity to dominate the Hispanic market in the following two years," said Maximiliano De Muro, partner and Chief Executive Officer for Latin Interactive Gaming, who will be speaking at the forthcoming EiG in Barcelona.

The company has received €1,000,000 in funding to start operating this year, and its first strategic move is the acquisition of the "Mediagambling Network", valued at €500,000.

Expansion plans also include "Mediagambling", with the goal of achieving a million unique visitors per month by 2009.

Latin Interactive Gaming is the first online gaming venture fully focused in Spain and Latin America, and has been created by a European and South American team of Internet entrepreneurs based in Malta.