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Millionaire's Night for Dwan

March 5, 2009 (InfoPowa News) — Tom "durrr" Dwan, the online poker pro whose play is never dull, revved up the railbirds at Full Tilt Poker's nose-bleed tables this week, taking a record (for 2009 thus far) pot of $594,000 from the formidable Finnish player Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies in an exciting heads up clash.
Dwan emerged victorious from the match, taking a million dollars off the ice-cool Finn, who remarked that occasionally losing this sort of cash was to be expected in Internet games at this level!
The big win certainly helped Dwan to whittle away at the $4 million he was reportedly down earlier this week, and the feeling on the independent MarketPulse poker statistics site seems to be that the adventurous online poker ace is regaining momentum.
MarketPulse recorded the biggest ever online poker pot last year at $723,000, raked by Di "Urindanger" Dang.