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"Midnight" U.S. Regulations to be Reversed?

January 12, 2009 — According to today's New York Times, the U.S. congressional Democrats may be trying to roll back many (or all) of the last-minute regulations put into place last month by the departing Bush administration.


"Congress is going to have to roll up its sleeves and review these midnight regulations," states Oregonian Democratic Senator Ron Wyden, as quoted by the article, "because it's clear that they are part of a desire for the administration, as it heads out the door, to put some ideological trophies on the wall." 


Although the article doesn't specifically mention the UIGEA by name, it does imply that that legislation is among the laws that the Democrats are focused on. "Bank lobbyists want Congress ,,, to rescind a new rule requiring them to identify and block financial transfers for 'illegal' Internet gambling," writes Charlies Savage in the article. "Financial institutions say complying with the rule will be difficult because it does not make clear which gambling sites are illegal."


The Democrats are also focusing on overturning environmental and concealed weapons laws. The rescinding of all these laws would most likely be accomplished by attaching "riders" to the upcoming economic stimulus package, according to the article.  


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