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Massachusetts Overturns Affiliate Ban

One key distinction of regulated gaming in Massachusetts is that the state did not allow casino affiliate marketing. But members of the Massachusetts Gambling Commission (MGC) recently reversed course and are allowing affiliates in the market after a recent meeting with several representatives of the affiliate world.

The MGC’s course correction took place just one day after the MGC held an open meeting to get a better picture of what casino affiliate marketing really entails. That meeting included presentations by affiliates representing Group, Catena Media, Better Collective and others. During the meeting, the affiliates explained how Caesars and other operators would not work with them until regulatory changes had been established.

More important than their high level explanation of how affiliate marketing works, the gathered industry representatives argued that casino affiliates are not pushing anyone towards problem gambling. Further, they pointed out that since they only work with regulated operators, they are a key point for diverting players away from the black market.

Presenters also argued that revenue share deals, an area of real concern for the MGC, are a key element in maintaining a diverse market. This form of marketing, they explained, allows smaller operators to economically broaden their reach by employing affiliates to help with their marketing. That, in turn, allows more operators to work in a given market.

Whatever they said in the presentation was incredibly effective. The next day, the MGC dropped its ban on affiliate marketing and said that new regulations governing casino affiliates should be in place by the end of March.