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MarketPulse Adds New Tracking Facilities

August 3, 2008 (InfoPowa News) — The MarketPulse section at Poker ( has been augmented by eight new tracking facilities, enhancing the original MarketPulse features of biggest pots won and a player search function profiling more than 3.4 million online players.
The new additions include the following key elements:
* Real-time lists of the top 100 moneymakers and top 100 money losers in online poker over the last day, week, month, and year, based on millions of cash-game hands tracked by the MarketPulse software.
* Real-time lists of the top 100 most aggressive and top 100 least aggressive players in online poker based on the "Aggression Factor" (bets+raises/calls).
* Real-time lists of the 100 players in online poker with the highest BB/100 and lowest BB/100 over the last day, week, month, and year.
* Real-time lists of the 100 players in online poker with the Highest VP$IP and Lowest VP$IP over the last day, week, month, and year.
The star attraction of the new features is the top moneymakers/biggest losses lists, giving an appreciation of who the true high-rollers in the game are month-to-month.
The stats listed by this valuable information facility continue to show how much money flows in poker network action. For example, the top player earner in July, based on cash games tracked on all top poker networks was DeucesCracked coach Ariel "DaEvils" Schneller, who beat the game's top players for $325,857 at Full Tilt Poker. Coming in second was player "present," who made $305,221. Rounding out the top 5 were lolzcapaneo at $275,981, Zugwat at $191,360 and luckexpress10 at $173,687 — all successful in cash games tracked at Full Tilt.
Top Losses in July were headed by high-stakes regular player "patatino" with a net loss of $331,639. Other big losers were "whitelime," who finished down $205,187 for the month, and online player star Tom "durrrr" Dwan, down $179,061, both again at Full Tilt network.
Online poker players who are the highest earners this year so far as at July 31 include:  PrtectYaNeck (up $884,331) followed by present ($781,235), Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond ($633,030), Jay "pr1nnyraid" Rosenkrantz ($600,864), and Ariel "DaEvils" Schneller ($508,587).
Biggest money loser for the year to date this year is Tom "durrrr" Dwan, who's down $1,010,863 in cash games at Full Tilt.
When it came down to traffic increases in July, Full Tilt network took the lead with a traffic rise to 6,839 players on average in July over each 24 hour period. Traffic at Titan Poker and Party Poker also rose marginally in July, both up 3 percent to 5,106 and 4,403 players on average, respectively.
For full details on the expanded lineup, visit the MarketPulse home page at