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Marketing to Female Gamblers

A lot of studies show that women gamble online more than men. That sounds crazy, right? The difference is that women spend their time playing bingo, slots, scratch cards and a few others. Whereas men are attracted to games in which they can dominate their opponents and find a thrill, women find more value in entertainment and will go for luck games of lower risk.

Now, a real challenge casino affiliates constantly face is marketing to women. If you want to get dudes to come to your site you know the drill: cars, babes, booze and the likes, but women seem like they want low risk games along with the possibility of visiting higher risk games.

In order to attract women to your site you won’t need an all-women campaign with pink banners, but rather a smarter marketing strategy that is appealing to women and does not alienate men. Don’t worry, just keep reading because CAP has gathered the guidelines for you already:

1. Don’t market to women, market to YOUR women.  Do some research on the interests of female gamblers and do not market for a general idea of what women want, but rather focus on what women who gamble want. If you had a shopping website, you’d market about shopping deals and fashion, but you have a gambling website that could make more money if women visitors started showing up. Go in that direction.

2. Bingo and Slots. Marketing to women is not about the usual “women and men” conversations, but rather about what type of game you like and what gaming experience you enjoy. You want to put your buck where you will get the most returns, and for female gamblers bingo and slots are the main games of choice. Did you know that the ratio of male to female slots players is 1 to 1 (50/50). This doesn’t mean you should exclude them from all the high risk games, but when you go for bingo and slots try to go out of your way to include them.

3. Content is Queen. Do you have a forum? Start a few threads on bingo, slots, and ask gender neutral questions (fine, you can also throw in a “Why are all men bad?” thread on your off topic section). Make sure you include content and images appealing to women, or try going for “cool” rather than “alpha-male” if you want to appeal to both genders at the same time. Include them in the general conversation, ask them for their opinion of other women in bikinis and cars.

Here is an idea: post a question that asks what people wear while gambling. Trust us, women and men will be into it for completely different reasons, and it will work like magic.

This is pink, but not only women like it.

4. Don’t Brand Lite. Whereas opening a corny and pink bingo website is an option, unless you are doing that, don’t make the mistake of turning your already successful casino website into a pink garden of blossoming flowers. Not all women really like that, and women who gamble might surprise you by liking it even less. Actually, we think female gamblers are waiting for the day when they will see a bad*ss gambling website that still respects them and offers high quality content. Try pink content appealing to both genders, like the image on this article.

5. Respect her. Many casino websites fall into the category of speaking to/about women as if we are in the 1920s. Honestly, do a Google image search on female gamblers and all the women look confused or clueless. Women have become more independent, stronger, and self-sufficient, and that is how you should think of them. Women don’t enjoy being labeled as the mom, the ball and chain, the out-of-control shopper, and this is exactly how you can get to them: respect them and see them as people with their own interests outside their gender role, i.e. online gamblers.

We hope these tips have given you some guidance on how to penetrate the female online gambling market (pun intended, ha). We will be posting more on this topic as we have noticed it is hard to consistently keep the right balance between male and female audiences. Please post any questions you may have so that we may discuss this topic more in depth.