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March Madness for Gaming Affiliates

With 68 college basketball teams competing in 67 games over two and a half weeks, March Madness, the NCAA College Basketball Tournaments is one of the biggest events in the sporting world. It’s also a huge opportunity for sports book affiliates to reach new players who might be flying under the gaming radar.
The Big Dance
The Big Dance, as its known, is open to all NCAA Division I college teams. Teams are selected either through an automatic bid (by winning their conference) or by the selection committee. This systems helps insure that smaller teams from schools like St. Bonaventure in New York get a shot at the title.
Every year the selection generates controversy, but the diversity of teams in the tournament is great news for sports betting affiliates. When small school teams make a run towards the Final Four, the betting public goes bananas. It also sparks interest from people who don’t normally bet on, or even watch college basketball. After all, everyone loves an underdog story.
Bracket Pools
NCAA also brings out the betting spirit in workplaces across the United States. There’s no official number on how many people fill out tournament brackets but at least 5.9 million have already entered the Final Four contest at Many of these amateurs turn to the web for bracket tips.
Remember, most people fill out their brackets completely before the games even start. Gearing your content towards general bracket tips aimed at casual fans can be a great strategy for grabbing new players.
Focus On Winners
Keep an eye on those upsets as the tournament rolls along. Casual fans who’ve picked underdogs in their brackets morph into genuine fanatics as their teams roll through the wins. These teams generate huge interest from bettors and promotions and content aimed at those games can generate big traffic for gaming affiliates.
March Madness is a great opportunity to get your sports betting sites on the radar of casual fans who might not be familiar with igaming at all. And if you’re providing them with valuable content, they’ll keep your sites in mind long after the NCAA basketball champ is crowned.