March Madness 2011 Betting Preview

The NCAA March Madness mega-tournament begins in just a few weeks. Is your sports betting affiliate site ready?

If not, there’s still time to prepare. Like the Super Bowl, marketing the March Madness tournament can provide a sharp increase in visits to sports betting sites from the general public, from folks who may normally be outside the online casino and Internet poker market.

It’s also a great chance for sports affiliates who market fan sites to boost traffic and get some conversions by promoting popular, highly visible online sportsbooks like Bodog and BetUS — both are open to the U.S., and both make betting a pretty easy thing to do.

In fact, if you fit any of the above description, you’ll likely already be capitalizing on sports betting traffic from regular season games. Big matches get a lot of attention from big media sites, equal to free publicity for sports oddsmaker sites — they also generate a lot of search engine activity, and sites positioned for the right sports terms during a time like the March Madness can enjoy big traffic and conversion increases.

And reassure your visitors that it’s perfectly legal for them to bet on the sites that allow U.S. gamblers — “for most readers, your occasional bets at the racetrack, keno games in bars, and participation in March Madness pools won’t be bringing the feds to your door anytime soon,” sums up’s take on Internet gambling.

View the wide variety of online betting affiliate programs available at the CAP Listed Programs Page for more specific details. For each program, you can check out what markets they’re available in. Contact the program’s affiliate manager for specific info on March Madness odds and promos.