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Lucky Nurse

October 31, 2008 (InfoPowa News) — Last week at William Hill online casino was one that a West Yorkshire nurse who wants to remain anonymous will long remember. In the space of seven days, and for an investment of £12, she earned herself £200,000!
Opening her betting account, the forty-something nurse started playing a little bingo and placed the occasional lottery bet. But, just seven days later, the mother of two had well and truly beaten the U.K. credit crunch by inflating her modest £12 stakes to a £200,000 windfall. She achieved this mainly through a lucky £2, five-number bet for the last three Irish Lottery draw games, and it was last Saturday's draw (Saturday 25th October) that landed her the recession-busting prize. She picked numbers 03, 12, 16, 28 and 43 in a five fold and all five balls came up in the main draw, at odds of 100,000 to 1.
Clearly delighted with her win, the anonymous nurse told Will Hill staffers: "I had done the occasional Irish Lottery bet in the past, so when I opened my online account to play bingo with Hills, I thought I would give it a go again. I'm really glad I did now! I never imagined in a million years that I would win this sort of money and it's actually a bit of a shock — there are too many 'noughts' for me to comprehend!"
Hills spokeswoman Jennie Prest said: "Making £199,988 profit in 10 days is some return for £12! William Hill is certainly becoming the place for big winners — as well as Fred Craggs, who won a million pounds for 50p back in February 2008, we've had two casino millionaires and we've paid out numerous 6-figure jackpots to online punters this year alone."
Since the start of the year, William Hill's big winners include:

A man from Oxfordshire who won £1.1million from £3 stake on


Fred Craggs from Yorkshire who landed a 8-horse accumulator and £1 million for just 50p


A Sussex based client who won £1.4 million from a winning streak on roulette


Sophie M from Peterborough who won 2 progressive jackpots within a month on — firstly £102,000, then £85,000.


David H from Stevenage, who won a massive £435,375 on the Millionaires Club slot machine