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LIV Golf Partners with US Integrity

LIV Golf is taking a major step towards the mainstream of the sporting world after announcing a new partnership with US Integrity. As one of the best-known integrity monitoring services in the industry, US Integrity will watching various sportsbooks, watching for anomalies and other signs of suspicious betting activity that could impact the honesty of the game.

Partnering with an integrity monitoring service is a right of passage that virtually every professional sports governing body has gone through in the post-regulation era. US Integrity’s client list reads like a who’s who of professional sports and is generally considered to be the industry leader. Some of the bigger leagues, such as the NFL, MLB and NBA signed on with the company almost as soon as sports betting was legalized. Other groups, like UFC, had to wait until they had a few betting-related scandals before they hired an integrity monitor.

While US Integrity compiles reports and supplies data to its clients, it also provides them with a dashboard of the own, called ProhiBet, that allows them to do their own monitoring.

LIV Golf Chief Operating Officer Lawrence Burian gushed about the deal in a recent press release saying, “This partnership with U.S. Integrity is critical as we enhance our presence in the sports gaming space. Establishing the highest standards in all aspects of our competition processes and operations is of primary importance to LIV Golf. Similar to many top sports leagues, working with industry-leading partners like U.S. Integrity demonstrates our commitment to ensuring gaming integrity within our sport.”

U.S. Integrity Founder and CEO Matt Holt was similarly enthused adding, “We are excited to collaborate with LIV Golf. Combining ProhiBet’s cutting-edge encrypted data transfer system with LIV Golf’s commitment to preserving sports integrity will enhance the transparency and reliability of their sports betting operations.”