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Littlewoods Poker Takes Advantage of New WagerLogic Technology

August 12, 2008 (InfoPowa News) — The latest poker software technology from WagerLogic, which makes it possible for players to set up their own private online tournaments, is being promoted vigorously by Littlewoods Poker.
The facility enables players to arrange buy-in amounts and betting limits for each hand, inviting other players to join their private online poker room on the Littlewoods site and exclude others. Details of the games played in the private room will remain logged on the website, meaning that players do not have to create new games every time they want to organise a competition with their friends.
Bruce Martin, head of operations at Littlewoods Poker, said: "We've had quite a few people asking us whether we can let them set up private games. As poker continues to grow in popularity, there are more and more people wanting to set up poker nights with their workmates or close friends. However, it can be a [offline] logistical nightmare getting ten of your friends together in the same room for a poker session, as they may be living in different places across the UK or even the rest of the world."