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LeoVegas Challenges Italian Government Policy with 'Dignity' Ad

The Italian government declared war on the online gambling industry and LeoVegas is fighting back, with dignity. That’s the title of the operator’s bold new ad campaign that challenges both the government advertising ban, as well as the personal choices every gambler must make to keep their fun from turning destructive.
It’s an innovative move that has the potential to backfire, but makes a searing point about the absurdity of advertising bans and the importance of personal responsibility in the gaming world.
The LeoVegas Dignity campaign launched last week with a massive two-page ad, drenched in red ink, in Italy’s popular Corriere dello Sport magazine. The left side of the spread featured the LeoVegas logo and a new #GIOCAPERGIOCO (play for fun) hashtag the company is promoting. The other side of the ad reads:

Dear players, we have waited for you, we have desired you and finally we are there. To win in this new season will require passion, sacrifice and commitment. Only by challenging you with honor and dignity, like true lions, victory will be near. Good championship everyone. We are still here by your side!

The word Dignity plays a big role in LeoVegas’ new campaign and that’s no accident. In fact, it’s a direct middle finger to the Italian government’s legislative attack on the gambling industry which was titled, the Dignity Decree.
In an interview with an Italian gaming affiliate, LeoVegas CEO Niklas Lindahl said the campaign was intended to show that gaming operators are not the snakes they portrayed to be by Italian authorities.
Will the campaign backfire on the company? That seems unlikely. Any move by the Italians to punish the company for speaking out would look bad, and would also give LeoVegas tons of free publicity (aka “advertising). Well played, LeoVegas. Well played.